In today’s world our cell phone is of paramount importance to us. Relying on our mobile phones is second nature, whether for social media, texting friends, emailing our coworkers, searching the web, or listening to music and streaming videos. We are connected to and passionate about our cell phones and are dependent upon their batteries, the pulse of our mobile phones. While we pay more attention to apps, the color of our phone case, and the latest text than we do to battery life, when a cell phone dies, none of that matters anymore. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a time and place where we didn’t have to worry about a cell phone battery dying or suddenly losing power?


The time is here and now, and the solution is Moxy Station, an extensive network of state-of-the-art cell phone charging stations that allow you to take charge.


A team of young professionals who recognized that the cell phone battery problem needed a real solution, Moxy Station Media Networks offers Moxy Stations, free charging stations that offer free WiFi and allow people to charge their cell phones for free. Each station has all the equipment and plug-ins you need – you simply need to find a station, plug in and relax. You can charge your phone while you work out, while you’re getting a pedicure, while you’re watching the game and grabbing a drink with friends after work. We go where you go, so that you never have to worry about your cell phone battery. Instead, you can let your cell phone do what it does best – communicate, dial, text, search, post, compute, connect.


Unlike other cell phone stations, Moxy Stations are completely FREE. Thanks to sponsors who advertise on our Moxy screens, you can enjoy cool commercials and promotions and learn about events and the place your Moxy is installed without paying a penny. Vibrant Moxy Stations are visible wherever they are installed, and media can be enjoyed by users and everyone passing by, providing advertisers with a captive audience.


Moxy Station uses amazing patented technology, so each kiosk contains the perfect amount of charge to cater to any and all of today’s smart phones. Since all kiosks are being built locally, Moxy Station also helps to boost local jobs and employment, making the mobile phone technology even cooler. Moxy Station kiosks are ideal for businesses, schools, events and conferences. Check out our YouTube channel or Facebook page to see how Moxy works and how it looks!


Your cell phone helps you do business and do errands, make friends and make dates, keep up with the latest news and keep in touch with your favorite people. You can take charge of charging your cell phone with Moxy Station.


With Moxy Station, you never need to be without your cell phone again!