Where can I find a Moxy Station?

Moxy Stations are located in New York City’s well-known venues, including bars, lounges, salons, spas, and more. Please refer to “locations” to find the nearest Moxy Station to you.


How much does it cost to charge a cell phone and use the Wi-Fi?

All Moxy Stations cell phone charging kiosks are free to use!


How many cell phones can be charged at one Moxy Station?

Up to 8 at a time, depending on the venue type and demand.


What phones can be charged on Moxy Stations?

98% of existing Smartphone types.


How long does it take to charge a cell phone at a Moxy Station?

Moxy Station acts a regular phone charger available at your convenience outside of your home or office, so cell phone charging takes the same amount of time as it does in those locations.


How is Moxy Station different from its competitors?

Moxy Stations are FREE to use and also offers in-demand free Wi-Fi. We are also located at the best places, where you can enjoy a drink or a spa service while your phone is charging.


What does it cost to lease/purchase a Moxy Station?

We have various renting and leasing plans available depending on client’s interests and number of stations needed. Please contact us at or 347-829-MOXY for more information.


How can I lease, rent, or buy a Moxy Station?
Contact us at or 347-829-MOXY for more information.


How long can I lease/rent them for?

All leasing/rental agreements or questions can be answered through our leasing at or 347-829-MOXY


Why is it beneficial for a venue to have a Moxy Station or to use it at convention or expo?

Moxy cell phone charging stations attract additional foot traffic, giving you the opportunity to impress potential customers with your service or product and leading them to spend even more time at your location, store, or booth.


How do I become a sponsor or advertiser on Moxy Station?

Please contact us at or 347-829-MOXY. Our Moxy marketing team can create a marketing campaign customized to your needs and interests. Likewise, we can pick and choose the most efficient Moxy locations for your business.


What kind of support do you provide for Moxy Stations?

Our tech support is available 24/7 to assist with any questions.


How are Moxy Stations able to offer their charging services for free?

Thanks to sponsors and advertisers who get to display their information, we are able to offer cell phone charging and Wi-Fi for free.


How big are Moxy Stations?

Moxy Stations are 24 inches high by 19 inches across with a seven-inch diameter and a 19-inch screen. Each station weighs 50 pounds.


What kind of power do the Moxy charging stations need?

All of our charging station models run on a standard 110-volt three-prong outlet. They require a minimum of 4 AMP.


Can I customize the charging cords?

Absolutely, we can customize cords for each station as needed.


How do I program the screen or billboard?

All programming and installations will be done for you ahead of time or managed remotely by out IT department.


If I don’t have my own artwork, can you help me with the design process?

Yes, Moxy Station marketing team can help with create artwork.


Will Moxy Station be expanding to other locations?

Yes, due to the station’s popularity, we are currently working to expand beyond New York City and even internationally. Watch our social media feeds for news on new locations.


How can I join the Moxy team?

We are a growing company and are always look for additional talented professionals for various positions. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us at or 347-829-6699.


Are you available for media interviews?

Absolutely. Please contact us at or 347-829-6699 and we’d be happy to share more information about our growing company.


Where did the name Moxy come from?

We love the word moxie: and simply changed the spelling to make it our own.